Clutch Bags

Remaining a style queen for long term is not easy. She will be obviously including style in everyday life. How about strutting with a leather clutch for regular routine? Well if you thought that clutch bags are essentially semi-formal, evening accessory, you are wrong. The leather clutch bags are now trending as the latest fashionable kind for the day. Did you know see Victorian Beckham carrying a large navy blue envelope leather clutch bag for the royal wedding? She has set the trend. It was a beautiful piece and admired by one and all including the ones who saw the televised version of the wedding. Well there are other luxury ones that are available in colored leather. The envelope style is spacious inside and good looking on the outside. With a large logo on the clasp it can elicit a "wow" in seconds when it comes in the range of vision.


Now how far can the clutch handbag take its owner? Now this is certainly an investment that cannot be overlooked. A clutch can get enough love from the owner if it is also functional. It is so versatile that one must have at least a couple of them in the wardrobe. Well, if you prefer carrying them only in the night ensure it is bright in shade and has some bling for a classy look. For everyday needs, carry a subtle form that will be appropriate for the day. It is always the budget that rules, so ensure that you do have ample funds for a good piece. A medium sized clutch is a saver when a quick shopping needs to be done. A multi-functional piece will have to be durable. There can be one or two clutches that can go with several outfits. Now these can be minimal and have a timeless appeal. The snap, envelope and rectangular shapes are ideal. Plain ones are better than the printed ones. Having detachable straps is a practical idea.


And to be the ultimate style queen see that the clutch that is being chosen fits your personality. Which, simply means, if you have a short height then buy a small clutch bag? If you are plus size girl then go for the large box shaped ones. Always buy the size that is opposite to your body shape. This ensures that the accessory does not become a handicap but a handy one!