Shoulder Bags

For long the shoulder bags have dominated the accessory that each one of us carries for various reasons. But it is really interesting to know how it has evolved. From the traditional straps to the more convenient longer versions of the straps one can get a wide collection of these items for men and women. Yes straps are the only thing that has defined the shoulder bags for both the genders. And it is this feature along with some shapes that define style eventually.


We introduce the basic contours of this popular everyday item of utility that has now become a fashion statement. We trace how it has evolved from a drab carry all to a chic accessory.


The square shoulder bag


This is one of the earliest versions that have been in existence since eternity. It is the most simplest and comes in canvas material. It consists of two large compartments. Outside there is one big pocket or two smaller ones. A broad strap also made from the same material completes its look. At one time it was carried only by men. Hence they came in limited colors-black, blue, brown and grey. The newer models are now more sophisticated. They are also made of leather in the basic style. They are large enough to keep a laptop and few other gadgets. As technology has changed, they have a better finish.


Cross body shoulder bags


The straps are very long in this version. As it is slung across the body, the straps are adjustable. Several movies today feature movie stars sporting this style. Both men and women carry it in this manner and remain hands free. Even these bags have become chic and come with more tones and patterns for women. For example, women also have a choice of bucket bags or boho kinds. They come in various heights small to medium and large. These do not have many compartments. Everything is tossed in one big space and stringed together or zipped or strapped. They come in many fabrics but leather is the best if items of various shapes are tossed inside. This also has another variation-called the Hobo bag.


One shoulder bag


These are backpacks and have straps for both shoulders. But most people carry it on one shoulder. This may have different compartments for various things. It depends on how much weight is needed to be carried around.